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Real Estate is the best Investment

Why Real Estate is the best Investment Globally?

When we have money, multiple options to invest come to mind. Such as investing in the stock market, forex or commodity trading, these days cryptocurrencies are another good option or you can simply put your money in the bank or mutual funds e.t,c. These are good ventures some of these may even be profitable but almost all of these investments have a high-risk aptitude.

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best real estate investmentsin 2021-22

The best real estate investments in 2021-2022

Best Real Estate investments: The real estate market has shown phenomenal growth in the year in the past 14 months or so.  Most people seem confused as prices in most areas have already gained 60 to 70% and in some areas even more than a 100%. Investing in the same areas which have recently gained so much seems a high-risk investment and this begs

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Rental smart building

A Rental SMART building | Sixty6 Gulberg serviced apartments Lahore

Rental SMART building | Sixty6 Gulberg What if there is a building that rents out itself, cleans itself, fixes itself, and reports directly to you? Pays for its own utility bills? What if with just a push of a button on your phone, you can start a process that results in an automatic never-ending cash flow and an automatic rental deposit in your account

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Rental income solution

How rich people make easy money | Rental income solution by imlaak

How Rich People Make Easy Money I am sure you’ve often wondered how some people just seem to succeed in life with minimal effort. And to some, it seems a constant struggle. Well, unless you’re lucky enough to be born into a billionaire family, most people spend their lives working hard to just get by. So why do some people always seem to get

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dirty secret of Pakistan real estate

Exposing the dirty secret of Pakistan real estate | Black money and FBR values

The dirty secret of Pakistan real estate The FBR has announced new land valuation tables and revised property prices all across Pakistan as of March 2022. Targeting the dirty secret of Pakistan real estate “black money”. A lot of people do not understand what are these prices and why they will have an impact on certain sectors of the real estate market. So in

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DHA Multan latest developments 2022

DHA Multan latest developments 2022 – All you need to know

DHA Multan Latest developments 2022 – All you need to know DHA Multan is the new story of the successful venture of the DHA. Multan is a city well known for its marvelous cultural and ancestral historical richness that has attracted its location for modern-day development and infrastructure build-out. The city of Multan is called a “City of Saints” due to its heritage of

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