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deemed rental income tax

Deemed Rental Income Tax 7E: A Modern Approach to Wealth Tax in Pakistan

The tax environment in Pakistan has changed significantly during the last few years. The Rental Deem Tax, which is essentially a wealth tax rebranded with a focus on unproductive properties, is one such introduction. Let’s examine this tax in detail and how it affects the real estate industry. What is The Deemed Rental Income Tax (7E)? The ‘deemed rental income tax’ is the new

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Interview with samana developers

An Exclusive Interview with Imran Farooq: CEO of Samana Developers

Meet the legend, the rising star of Dubai real estate, and the CEO of Samana Developers, Mr. Imran Farooq. He has been involved in Dubai real estate market, covering property transactions, sales, purchases, and the underwriting of diverse buildings since 2002. He recognized market gaps regarding client expectations, delivery, and quality, so he shifted into development in 2017 and has never looked back. Samana

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real estate investments in dubai

How to Select the Perfect Real Estate Investments in Dubai

Introduction The real estate industry in Dubai is thriving and active, and it provides prospective tenants with a wide variety of apartment choices. On the other hand, the sheer quantity of projects and the variety of payment options can rapidly become overwhelming, which can lead to uncertainty and a lack of decision-making. So if you are looking for real estate investments in Dubai, it

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Real estate investment in dubai | best rental income areas in dubai

A Complete Guide to Real Estate Investment in Dubai for Maximum Rental Income in 2023

Dubai, the city of gold and a location where history and modernity coexist has emerged as a significant centre for real estate investment. Investors throughout the world are interested in it because of its rapid ascent in the international scene. The profitable freehold properties distributed across the city that provide prospects for significant rental income are a key component of Dubai’s investment appeal. The

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Why Invest In Luxury Apartments In Dubai?

Advantages of Investment in Luxury Apartments in Dubai Dubai investing may be a desirable option for a number of reasons. I can provide you with some broad information about the possible advantages of investing in Luxury Apartments in Dubai based on its previous economic performance and characteristics. Strategic Location: Dubai is well situated between Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it a center for global

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Exclusive Benefits of Golden Visa UAE

Introduction To draw and keep those who contribute to the nation’s development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) created the Golden Visa program. Among the emirates, Abu Dhabi stands out as a top location for people with golden visas UAE, providing a variety of unique advantages and prospects. In this blog article, we’ll explore the benefits of the Golden Visa UAE, focusing on Abu Dhabi

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