DHA Market Analysis Oct 2016

DHA Market Analysis Oct 2016

DHA Market Analysis Oct 2016 | Real Estate

Notice : Our monthly real estate analysis including DHA Market analysis Oct 2016 is a general guideline and does not cover all aspects of the market. The real estate trends vary even within blocks of the same phase and for a layman it gets very complicated and confusing. You can however attend our real estate briefing and discussion sessions held every Friday 7 to 8 Pm to answer your queries in person . 

Before we move on with the DHA Market analysis Oct 2016 for real estate, we should understand that October and November are make or break months for real estate. If we start seeing stability in these two months than we can expect a steady market from December onward.  I also believe that if you are an aggressive trader , these two months will bring you the best buying opportunities.

I am a strong believers that the Tax impact on real estate is actually very minor. The real estate market has crashed not because of Taxes but because of rumors and conspiracy theories. As more and more people get educated about Taxes they are understanding the fact that this is a mere market correction and is not triggered by some major economic failure. In reality the economic indicators of Pakistan are very healthy and will continue to ride a high horse on the shoulders of CPEC for years to come.

Our discussion forum  is always open for real estate related questions and answers.

Present Market Condition

The real estate market is growing on genuine demand and is on a healthy correction course. You may wonder why i called it a healthy correction course?. Well it is a healthy market sign that Mid term investors are also involved and are bidding on any thing available at a Million less than the market. Most of these transactions are by genuine buyers or investors who are looking to take advantage of the down trend for a mid term trade . You can have a look at our DHA Lahore section to see the price trend graph for this year.

DHA Phase 1 to 5

Phase 1 to 5 will be mostly stable as per DHA Market analysis Oct 2016. Genuine buyers will be keen on purchasing plots at better bargain though.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

Pentasquare and M block extension news.


a. Buy commercial for rental purpose.

b. We do not recommend buying in M block.

DHA Phase 6

Prices are stable as expected, however we did notice a bit of selling pressure by the end of this month. In general DHA Phase 6 will sustain the market correction without any major dip except in some blocks. Prices of commercial in general including CCA 6 and MB are on a correction and available in 2 to 5 Million less.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Ballotting of CCA 2 Phase 6 is expected in October.


Our recommendations from September still stand good for October.

a. Buy residential plots in D, E , F , N blocks at 1 to 1.5 Million less than market price.

b. Good opportunity to buy commercial on Main MB at 2 to 5 Million less.

c. Buy on Mb in L block.

DHA Phase 7

As suggested in September we are seeing a market correction in Phase 7. We may see a bit more correction in some areas of Phase 7 as per DHA Market analysis Oct 2016, while others will hold steady.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Commercial prices for plots and files will go down further.


a. Seeing a complete slow down in Phase 7 only buy if you want to make a house .

b. Commercials Files can be bought for a short term trade on dips.

DHA Phase 8

DHA Phase 8 Proper is the Only phase where we are suggesting to buy even during this correction phase.

Broadway will be steady after a correction of 5 to 10 Million. We may however see CCA 1 and CCA 2 going down a a bit more.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Rumors or solid news of DHA Phase 8 proper possession.


a. Buy residential on dips if you wish to make your own house or buy 10 and 5 Marla plots in Y block.

b. Commercials should be bought in Broadway. Contact us for more details.

DHA Phase 9 Town

The prices are stable , however there is not much trading happening in 9 Town. We have yet again reached near our target price this month  for 4 Marla file which is at 280 Lacs by the end of September.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Balloting news may push the prices up .


a. Surely a buy for mid term trade and enjoy a million or more in one year on just an investment of 5.5 Million.

b. Last month we suggested that we may see a dip of 4 Marla commercial file towards 270 Lacs. Presently it is available for 270 Lacs , this is a good buy at this price , we do not see it going down much as it is already 9 Million less than its peak price. Possibility of another dip towards 250 Lacs and  will be a very strong buy if it reaches that price. Do not to wait any longer and buy it at 250  – 260 Lacs if it reaches there.

DHA Phase 9 Prism

Our DHA Market analysis Oct 2016 for 9 prism is yet again negative , we still feel there is room for more correction in certain areas.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. We will not invest in Phase 9 Prism under these circumstances and wait till we get a clear bottom price.


a. Sell residential and Sell Commercial plots.

B. Do not buy in blocks such as A , B and C which are too high. We recommend buying a mediocre plot in 75 to 80 Lacs any where though in 9 prism.

DHA Phase 11 Rahber

I have been predicting a correction in DHA Rahber Phase II extension files and finally it is happening, i believe it to go down a bit further before stabilizing.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Balloting news may push the prices higher but seems unlikely that we will hear any such news this month.


a. 4 Marla commercial is at 180 Lacs and is a buy signal but we will suggest that you wait as we are  expecting another dip towards 160 Lacs this month.


I hope you will find the information provided useful and informative . These are just guidelines and markets tend to change with in hours and days specially when buying Files. Kindly attend our real estate briefing or ask our experts at  Discussion Forum.


Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

Skype : Shahnawaz.yaqub

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rana hammad aslam
rana hammad aslam

Sir nice effort but i dont see any recovery in real estate market in near future it will decline more but gradully nd may be on recovery side in 2018- 2019


We see a major dip at phase 9 and 9 town in commercial as well as residential. Phase 8 ivy also dip more than 2 million. I have heard a news that some schene will be launched in few days to recover the market which will make market again goes up.