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DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on April 28, 2016

DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure

So you have found your dream plot or house and now you want to conclude the deal and get it transferred in your name. Here is a simple guide of the DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure.


This is a small amount of money/cheque given in favour of the seller to show your interest with the matching offer. If the seller accepts your offer he will retain the token money and sign the verification form . This is an important step because you need to verify the property before you make a Biana . Verification ensures that the property you are about to purchase is clear from all sort of court proceedings and any other issues. If the plot is cleared, you will go for a Biana followed by DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure. In case the verification is not cleared, you must stop the purchase of the property and demand your token money back from seller. Your dealer will have all the necessary documents for this procedure.

Documents Required for Verification

  1. Copy of Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s).
  2. Copy of CNIC of seller.
  3. Copy of CNIC of Authority Holder.
  4. Original paid Voucher of Verification Fee.
  5. Copy of Property Dealer’s Registration Card.


If the verification of the plot is cleared , you will sign a Biana for the said property. The biana amount should be 1/4th of the agreed value of the property. However in certain cases it may be more or less if both seller and purchaser mutually agree. There is a set pattern of Biana for DHA Lahore Transfer available with your property dealer. However both buyer and seller can add any thing else in the clauses which they feel is appropriate if they mutually agree. Some of the important things that you must take into account while signing of Biana are as follows.

    1. Biana must be signed in the presence of both parties and two witnesses.
    2. In case the seller is abroad , Biana should be sent to his address and signed via skype or attested by the embassy.
    3. Left thumb impression in case of men and right thumb impression in case of women must be used.
    4. Registered Biana issued by state bank must be used.

After the Biana is signed and pay order handed over to the seller,  the following documents should be signed by him to start the transfer procedures. Your estate agent will have all of these documents required for signatures.

    1. NDC
    2. Authority letter for dues.
    3. Site Plan in case of possession plots only.
    4. FBR form.
    5. IT – 5 Form.

These signed documents will remain with your estate agent while you will keep the original Biana papers if you are a purchaser or a copy if you are a seller.

Getting Ready for Transfer

The most important factors in DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure start after the Biana , your estate agent will guide you through rest of the procedure. Which involves following. Your estate agent will do all these for you.

  1. Obtaining TIP Paid receipt and Clearance Certificate from Walton / Lahore Cantt Board (Constructed Property). In case of exemption, Exemption Certificate be attached.
  2. Obtaining property Tax receipt and clearance certificate from Walton / Lahore Cantt Board.
  3. Obtaining a copy of Completion Certificate only for House / Building.
  4. Applying for a Copy of Site Plan for the plots (if possession is open and if seller does not have it).
  5. Obtaining No Object Certificate for Armed Forces Personnel in case of Service Benefit Plots / Plots allotted out of Defence quota from GHQ AG’s Branch (W&R Directorate).
  6. Obtaining photocopies of Pension Book, Discharge Certificate and Form ‘B’ in case of Retired Junior Commissioned Officers / Non Commission Officers and Next Of Kins of Shaheed / Deceased (duly attested by District Arms Services Board).
  7. Applying for NDC.
  8. Applying for dues.


The entire procedure involves a series of payments before transfer and it is important to know who pays what .


  1. FBR if applicable.
  2. TIP Tax and clearance from cantt board before applying NDC.
  3. IPT Tax if applicable.
  4. Excess area dues.
  5. Any other dues including non construction penalty.
  6. Copy of Property Dealer’s Registration Card.


  1. Verification Fee.
  2. Biana and stamp Fee.
  3. Advance Tax (1% of DC value if Tax payer or 2% of DC Value if non tax payer)
  4. Membership form Fee.
  5. Transfer Fee Voucher.
  6. Agreement to sell.
  7. Vendor Fee for preparation of transfer file.

Transfer Day

On the day of transfer it is important that all parties come to DHA office at the agreed time.

Check List for the Transfer Day


  1. Bring Orignal Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s).
  2. Bring original CNIC.
  3. Bring complete orignal file.


  1. Bring original CNIC.
  2. Bring original Pay order.

Estate Agent

  1. Transfer Documents set specimen available at DHA Office Reception. (Download Specimen)
  2. Original Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s) at the time of transfer.
  3. Membership Form of the buyer.
  4. 2 x Passport size photographs of new owner (Duly attested by Oath Commissioner).
  5. Transfer Fee. (According to the Size and Phase).
  6. Cantt Board Taxes.
  7. Original Sale Deed along with affidavits of Seller and Purchaser for surrendering, if plot is registered.
  8. Capital Value Tax (CVT) & Stamp Duty undertaking on Stamp Paper of Rs 50/= from purchaser.
  9. IT – 5 Form.
  10. Advance Tax Payment receipt (if applicable).
  11. Original agreement to sell.

Post Transfer

After the transfer is concluded , both seller and the buyer sign the agreement to sell and exchange pay orders. Seller will than hand over the covering letter issued to him to the buyer and thus completing the transfer procedure. The buyer has yet to pay CVT , Stamp duty and membership fee before he/she can collect the allotment letter from DHA after 15 working days or 4 in case he/she applies for urgent collection.

Buyer will follow this procedure after transfer:

  1. Pay CVT through his estate agent (2% of DC Value).
  2. Pay Stamp Duty through his estate agent (3% of DC Value).
  3. Pay member ship fee (Rs-37000).

We hope that this will help you in understanding DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure and all steps involved from token to the transfer of the plot and issuance of allotment letter.

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