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DHA Commercial Phase 7 Lahore Explained 


In this article we will describe in detail the different areas of DHA Commercial Phase 7 Lahore along with the investment in the Phase 7 file. Details of each block have been highlighted with specific plot numbers to give the reader a mental image of the underdeveloped and developed commercial in each sector. Recommendations are based on observations in the past with a mix of speculation of the future in order to make an informed decision.


Situated in the midst of Q block of Phase 7, this is believed to the most premium of the CCAs of Phase 7 Commercial DHA Lahore. There are 135 plots in this commercial setting. More plots have been added by DHA in the location which was previously determined for University and known as University Lands. DHA has changed the map and allocated 2 kanal plots along with more commercials of 4 marla and 8 marla respectively.

The most premium commercials are the ones facing the parking space as Park CCA-1 on the map or on the 150’ road. There are 66 four marla commercial options whereas on the other hand it boasts 46 eight marla plots and 4 bigger odd plots of thirty two marla and 2 sixteen marla plots respectively, along with these there is a lane of 17 eight marla commercials with direct approach from Barki road marked near PACE area on the map, making a total of 135 commercial plots. Only 22 plots are facing the main parking area of CCA 1 Phase 7.




It is advisable to buy a plot facing parking but keeping in mind, it’s not from an investment point of view but from the angle of the end user. Buying an 8 marla plot on the 150’ road or the ones near Barki is advisable in comparison to any other 8 marla plot in CCA 1. This is believed to be the most premium CCA as of now. A corner plot in any case from either an investment point of view or from an end user point of view would definitely yield high returns as the market grows towards maturity.

If you have the budget to go for the eight marla Barki road options numbered from 119-135 there’s nothing like it from a risk averse point of view.


CCA 2 of Phase 7 Commercial DHA Lahore is a smaller commercial sector in comparison to CCA 1 with only a 100 plots out of which only 14 plots are of 4 marla and the rest of the cutting is for 8 marla makes 86 8 marla plots. This CCA 2 falls at a better location in comparison to all other CCAs but the drawback is that the plots apart from a few have not been balloted. Only a few plots here have been balloted and have been allotted numbers. With a bigger parking compared to CCA-1 this would be a better option if one were to construct his/her own plaza. Situated in Y block of Phase 7 Dha Lahore this commercial is amongst the biggest block of Phase 7. Y block has the potential for more than 5,000 residents as the number of plots exceed 5,100 plots.



It is recommended to buy a plot in CCA-2 only if the availability of plots remains a handful. In other circumstances it would be advisable to construct a plaza if you live nearby and don’t have the budget to move to Phase 6. From an investment standpoint it could prove to be fruitful only if other plots are not balloted. It is advisable to either go for a parking facing plot of 4 marla which are only 7 plots or go for the 10 eight marla plots facing 150’ road numbered as plot no.45 to 54. Also recommended are the 9 parking facing eight marla options which are from 84-92.


CCA 3 falls in X block and consists of 180 plots all of which are the same size. There has been no balloting, the parking area is small in contrast to others. The reason for this has been that the village of Sangatpura has not yet been fully cleared by DHA so therefore, no development has taken place on a large scale. The location of CCA 3 is the third best amongst all other Phase 7 commercial, DHA, Lahore areas. The total number of plots in CCA 3 Phase 7 is 180 of which all are four marlas. With a handful of parking facing plots which amount to 35 plots from 32-41, 42-46, 126, 127-145 and 32 marla eight options.



It is recommended to buy a file with the Mauza name “Sangatpura” if you want chances to have a commercial in the X block area. The reason that the mauza Sangatpura file is in such high demand is that as far as the general area is concerned this is the most secure location amongst all other DHA acquisitions of land.


This CCA has seen the highest returns in 2016 as the plot prices have jumped by almost 40-60%. The reason for this sudden jump in a month or two has been the influx of investor in this CCA which in turn has driven the Phase 7 commercial price up in all other sectors. With the biggest CCA being CCA-4 in Phase 7 with an astonishing 425 plots this is sure to become a commercial hub in the future. The major drawback is the location of this commercial which stands right next to BRB Canal. It is the line of defense for the military therefore; there is no permission to DHA or any other society to expand beyond the BRB Canal. CCA 4 offers no dedicated parking space other than that in front of the plots. The good point about the CCA 4 is the Barki Road access and the plots which are Barki Road facing. These plots are all eight marla options ranging from plot no. 173-192, 193, 229, 230-242 making a total of 35 plots.

The plots ranging from 131-425 are considered as better as their location is better and plots from 1-130 are considered low end commodity and the price difference between the two is roughly Rs 4-5 million for a four marla option in both locations with the premium plots being highly priced. There is no designated parking space per se, but, patches of green are shown on the map which are likely to have parking around them if not all the space is utilized. They are however, very small but people demand more prices for these 14 plots. The eight marla plot numbers surrounding the two spaces are 401, 402, 252-255, 146, 137 and then there are the four marlas 260-262, 140-142, 145.



It is not advisable at all to invest anything beyond 30-35 million in this CCA unless the gap widens to which was previous between Phase 6 CCA-2 and Phase 7 CCA-4 which is of roughly 15-20 million because the location is severely compromised, it is advisable to buy a file of Phase 7 instead. I would recommend staying away unless the option of investing in Phase 8 or 6 is completely out of the question. In the same bracket one can find a plot in Ex-Air Avenue Phase 8. An 8 marla on the other hand can do you some good in terms of investment if it is at a price which is not more than 1.5 times that of a 4 marla plot.

Phase 7 file:

The commercial file of Phase 7 has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past. It is advisable only to trade with a good consultant who can tell you a buying and a selling time. Holding of the file is not advisable only trading would do you any good. There are four different Mauza’s of the file namely SANGATPURA, GOBINDPURA, DERA CHAHL, KARBATH. People go for Sangatpura as they believe it is going to be a X block commercial, chances are there but there is no certainty in the thought, it’s just a game played by some dealers to increase the price of the commodity they have in hand.



It is recommended as the trend has been set to buy a Sangatpura file at a low and sell at a high. Market will fluctuate as a stock does; one needs a keen and vigilant consultant to guide him/her. Holding for a longer term is highly unadvisable as Phase 7 is a very volatile commodity and on top of that a file makes it more risky.


Contributed by

Umer Shehzad

Investment consultant at Imlaak



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