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Imlaak is a one stop solution, we offer consultancy and realtor/brokerage services. Real estate consultants and realtors play very different roles in the property market, though their duties and responsibilities might overlap at times.

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A consultant usually advises clients on investment activities in the market. Investment consultant is a genre in the property business whose job description is far piercer and extended than a simple realtor/property broker.


A realtor helps clients buy or sell properties and follows the strategy and plan formulated and designed by the consultant.


The first step is to find out when, where and how you need to invest using our time tested advisory.


The second step is to find out properties in the suitable areas using our top rated brokerage services in Pakistan.


Conclude your transaction under the supervision of our consultant and get 100% refunds on consultancy fee.

Our Services


Free Advice

  • Real estate advice through our online discussion forum and blog.
  • Answers within 24 hours.
  • General advice and guidance.
  • Call through messenger or directly on phone and we will respond according to availability.
  • SMS, Messages on whats app for consultancy will not be entertained. 

Consultancy Session

  • 30 mins to 1 hour one on one session.
  • Deliberate on the clients real estate needs.
  • Dedicated discussion and consultancy.
  • Session online via skype or in person at our office.

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Investment Plan

  • Custom investment plans of various time frames.
  • 3 different options for your perusal.
  • Written report based on a clients requirement.
  • Includes risk assessment & profit statement.
  • Feasibility reports for real estate ventures.

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Buy or Sell

  • Dedicated team of real estate agents.
  • 100% transparent and worry less procedures.
  • Investment in any sector of your choice.
  • Complete paper work & filing of taxes.
  • Transfer and letter collection (Where applicable).


We offer our valued clients complete transparency in our deals and no hidden margins.
We have a magnificent track record of successfully concluding deals till the very end.
We understand that closing a deal is not enough, they must be profitable and we are good at that.
We like to achieve our targets on time for we know time is money.

Our Charges


Free Advise



Consultancy Session

Price : 25000 PKR

Note: Reimbursable if the transaction is concluded through imlaak.


Investment Plan

3 Yr Plan: 100000 PKR

5 Yr Plan : 150000 PKR

7 Yr Plan : 175000 PKR

10 Yr Plan : 200000 PKR

Feasibility report : Ask for a custom quote


Buy or Sell

Buy or sell : 1% service charges on the value of the property.

Residential rent : 15 days rent.

Commercial rent : 30 days rent.

Our Consultants

  • Capt (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti
  • +923331717170
  • Shahnawaz.yaqub

Captain Shahnawaz Bhatti (Retd) is the founder and CEO of Imlaak. His vision resulted in the foundation of Imlaak based on the pillars of transparency, modernization and an unbiased market analysis.

He has brought a revolution to the real estate industry in Pakistan and represents a large number of investors in a wide array of real estate transactions. With more than 8 years experience in commercial real estate, marketing and real estate project management, he has a proven track record of guiding national and multi-national clients with their real estate portfolios and asset management.

  • Umer Shahzad
  • +923208484630
  • umer.shahzad

Umer Shahzad has a degree in MBA Finance from Cardiff University, UK. He provides visionary consultancy to investors leading to multiplying profits and to assist individuals who seek residential or commercial property. With more than 5 years of managerial experience at national and international real estate firms.


He is always seeking ways to improve customer services and to build clients trust by offering them transparent and easy solutions for their real estate needs.

Our Area Of Expertise

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