Buy DHA Peshawar Files

Buy DHA Peshawar Files


The idea to establish DHA Peshawar was conceived in year 2007. The ensuring period through deliberations, legal legalities, acquisition of land and other further processes. DHA Peshawar is a statutory provision under DHA Peshawar Act 2009 Authority. DHA Peshawar holds the privilege of being the first housing authority in Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It provides world class living standards with well guarded community and offers amenities of quality life. Peshawar DHA offers promising growth, development and advancement through leadership vision and innovation. DHA has administrated to provide the best recreational cultural educational facilities in an aesthetic environment all over Pakistan.  

DHA Peshawar is considered as one of the most successful societies launched by Defence housing authority in Pakistan. It is important to note that this will be the first Defence housing authority project in Khyber Pakhtun Khawa and that will give it a unique advantage. KPK and has a population of approx 30 Million with Peshawar as its provincial capital. It is expected that  the decision to make a DHA in Peshawar will prove to be very beneficial for the entire province as most people in KP would turn to DHA Lahore or Islamabad when looking for a real estate investment. Now with DHA Peshawar offering them modern lifestyle and one of the best urban development in Pakistan the local investors are taking keen interest in the project. 

For detailed regular updates, videos and more visit our DHA Peshawar section on our website. You can purchase DHA Peshawar files from imlaak with 100% guarantee and satisfaction.

Peshawar DHA  consists of 2 Phases

DHA Peshawar Phase I: Pakistan defense officers housing authority Peshawar currently owns and manage over an area of approximate 6000 kanals in phase 1.

DHA Peshawar Phase II: Coming Soon.

DHA Peshawar files

Purpose of DHA Peshawar

Aim of DHA Peshawar housing authority is to provide modern living standards with sustainable infrastructure to develop urban communities & facilitate people with essential health, educational, entertaining and living facilities.

  • Welfare of Armed Forces Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers Non Commissioned Officers & Soldiers who retire from their services after serving the state commendably and selflessly, and the wards of shuhadas who have laid their lives for nation’s future.
  • Develop urban communities.
  • Provide modern living standards.
  • Offer sustainable infrastructures.
  • Generate environment friendly developments.
  • Facilitate People with essential civic facilities i.e. Health, Education & Entertainment.Build our socio cultural fiber by reconnecting communities.
  • Promote religious harmony by defining communal worship centers.
  • Encourage educational pursuits by designing modern centers of education.


DHA Peshawar is located on one of the most best locations in Peshawar and is surrounded by some major societies. Located near Nasir Bagh road close to Askari VI Peshawar and other societies like Yaseen town Peshawar, Hafiz town and runs parallel to Regi model Colony. Defence Housing Authority Peshawar will be connected to the rest of the city through the Express Way road, which connects to the Peshawar – Islamabad Motorway. Interchanges on Express Way will lead to the University of Peshawar campus, Charsadda Road and Warsak Road


We believe that DHA Peshwar will be one of the most prosperous DHA projects in the entire country, owing to its great location and well planned development. Firstly it is not a huge project as compared to other DHA projects in the country therefore has a limited availability of plots. This is also important to mention here that DHA Peshawar is the very first project of DHA in KPK Province, while Punjab alone now has 5 DHA projects namely in Islamabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan and Bahawalpur. This gives a unique advantage to DHA Peshawar and one of the most important aspects to consider before making a decision about your investment. 

Defense housing authority Peshawar plans to complete the development of phase 1  in year 2018. But our personal on ground survey leads us to predict that 2020 or max 2021 will be the year of DHA Peshawar possession. 

How To Buy DHA Peshawar File

If you wish to buy a DHA Peshawar file it is a swift procedure and will take only a few days. We at imlaak are always happy to help and assist you to buy DHA Peshawar file at lowest possible market rates. You do not need to visit Peshawar to purchase your file rather you can buy it hassle free through us at your doorstep. 

  • Step 1 : Initially you have to give a token amount of 100000 and 10000 processing fee (including 6500 transfer charges). 
  • Step 2 : Prepare payorder of the remaining amount in favor of the investor selling you the file. 
  • Step 2 : You can visit DHA Peshawar yourself or you can give power of attorney to our representative to collect intimation letter on your behalf from the office of Peshawar DHA. 
  • Step 4 : Fill up our membership form and submit the membership fee Callahan through a pay order. 
  • Step 5 : Collect your allotment letter from DHA Peshawar office. This is the only time you must visit the Peshawar office yourself. 

It is also important to mention here that while you can purchase an affidavit file without going to Peshawar yourself, you will have to personally go there once you want to sell your file or plot. In addition you will have to appear in person as well if you purchase an allocation instead of an affidavit file.

Difference of DHA Peshawar Allocation & Affidavits

Like any other files of Defence housing authority the DHA Peshawar file is available as Affidavit and Allocation. You can understand the difference between both if you read our blog about difference between Affidavit and Allocation file. It is also important that you understand that an Allocation file is available at cheaper price, however it has a higher transfer cost of approx 137000 as compared to an Affidavit file which costs only 64000 approx for complete transfer. I therefore suggest that you must ask what kind of file you are purchasing before you finalize it as some people may quote you a lower rate but as they are quoting you the price of an Allocation, therefore at the end of the day the the price may remain similar to the Affidavit. 

DHA Peshawar Balloting & Master Plan

DHA Peshawar balloting is expected to happen by mid year 2017 or before 2018. As per our sources the master plan has been finalized and land acquisition process is almost 70% complete. The expected balloting and finalization of the master plan will surely boost the prices of the files in DHA Peshawar. As per our expectations a possible balloting will push the prices of the file upto 65 to 70 Lacs and after balloting an average plot will cost about 80 to 90 Lacs in a year or so. 

Our Recommendation

We recommend that you buy DHA Peshawar file ASAP. There are rumors that the balloting process will happen in April 2017 or mid year 2017. This is a good opportunity for investors to double their investment in short term trade. Reading detailed analysis on DHA Peshawar balloting rumors will help you to make an informed decision. It is also important to mention that buying a file of DHA Peshawar at the price of 51 to 52 Lacs is the safest investment you can make today. If you look at the history of the file prices since its launch you will notice that it has not suffered any major dips and has sustained its price. This is mainly due to availability of smaller number of files and also because of meticulous planing by the Authority. 

Latest DHA File Rates


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Sir a very nice article.
What about DHA Multan?
Would you prefer Multan over Peshaware or not?


What is the price of the file.. and what is the projected time frame to double the investmeng as stated in the article.

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