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Broadway Commercial Phase 8 Investment In Focus

Broadway Commercial Phase 8 Investment In Focus

One of the major investments in commercial you can make is to buy Broadway commercial Phase 8 plots. It is the biggest and most lucrative out of all the commercial investments you can make today. What makes it so special considering there are so many other commercial areas where you can invest today? This is the question which we will be answering today in detail.

Location, Location, Location

While location has an impact on all kinds of properties but when it comes to commercial plots the impact is phenomenal. While residential properties may vary  merely 10 to 20 % in terms of a good location plot price and a bad location plot price in a similar area, commercial plots can vary from 100 to 300% in terms of price in a similar area. This huge difference between the prices is the key to your making money when it comes to Broadway commercial Phase 8 Investment. If you look at the bigger picture you will notice that Broadway commercial Phase 8 offers the top most central location even better from its close cousins CCA 1 & CCA 2 of Phase 8 DHA Lahore.

Located just on entry & exit of DHA Lahore Phase 8 the ring road interchange, it is the first entry point to DHA while coming from Lahore Cantt. Besides that it serves as a main entry point even for DHA phase 6 and 7 in addition to the Phase 6 interchange of ring road Lahore.

Broadway commercial Phase 8 is encircled in red
Broadway commercial Phase 8 is encircled in red

Look carefully at the map above and memorize it as we will be referring to it again in the article.

Main Broadway road

One of the key features of this commercial Broadway is the main road which links it to Phase 6 and continues further into Phase 7. This is a very important feature as it connects Phase 6, 7 & 8 of DHA Lahore together. In times to come this will be a very busy road and a lot of people will be using it to enter or exit DHA Lahore onto ring road.

Close proximity with fully developed areas

Commercial activity follows residential developments after all you need people to use those commercial areas. Broadway commercial Phase 8 is situated centrally inside an area which is completely developed & populated from all sides. Askari 10, Divine, Eden city, Paragon city, Park view Phase 8, Air Avenue Phase 8, DHA Lahore Phase 1 & 2, DHA Lahore Phase 6 & 7 and finally DHA Lahore Phase 8 itself which has been given possession just recently in Dec of 2016. While phase 8 will still take some time to house a residential population, the other areas around the Broadway commercial Phase 8 offers a lot of promise for a healthy commercial activity here.

Bigger the better

While some critics of Broadway commercial Phase 8 highlight the availability of large number of commercial plots as a negative thing, in my personal belief it is just the opposite. The high number of commercials in Broadway commercial Phase 8 is the most positive thing and guarantees it as the future hub of commercial activity in DHA Lahore. To me its like comparing Ghalib market with MM Alam road or liberty. Commercial activity always flourishes in bigger commercial areas, where people can find every brand, bank & outlet in one location. So ask yourself why Phase 1 H Block commercial is better than Q block commercial of Phase 2 and why Phase 3 commercial in Y & Z block is better than all of the rest including the CCA of Phase 5.

Brands & banks are coming to Broadway commercial Phase 8

Yes, that is true, already 3 banks namely Meezan bank, United bank and Askari bank have opened there branches in Phase 8 and a few more are looking to open up branches in Broadway commercial Phase 8 in 2017 and 18. Besides these a lot of big brands have secured selective locations and are waiting for the right time to start there operations. We can not disclose the names of all the companies who have made these purchase because it will be a breach of there secrecy, so all we can tell you with 100 % confidence is that brands are surely coming to Broadway commercial Phase 8. It may take another 2 to 3 years before things start getting really hot in here but one thing is for sure that the more you wait to buy, the more you will lose on return for your investment.

Guaranteed safe & secure

The most important thing when it comes to Broadway commercial is the guaranteed safety it offers. While even CCA 5 and CCA 6 have been unable to attract brands and therefore could not develop as shopping markets, Broadway commercial Phase 8 remains as the only contender for such a market. The timeline may vary but one thing is sure that this will happen sooner or later. No other commercial area in DHA offers this kind of safe and secure investment which will only reach closer to its objectives as the time passes.

This is the only commercial area in DHA Lahore which offers excellent capital gains and rental yields.


The predictive timeline for development and progress of commercial activity in commercial Broadway of Phase DHA Lahore is as under:

Avg Increase in Price (8 Marla)          Activities 

2018 to 2019     (4 to 6 crores)              Banks, real estate & Offices

2020 to 2022    (5 to 10 Crores)           Cafes, Grocery stores, Franchises & some brands

2023 to  2026   (9 to 20 Crores)           Brands, shopping markets, Commercial hub status


I hope this will help you taking your next big step when it comes to commercial investments in DHA Lahore. You can check latest rates on our commercial plots for sale section.



Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)



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It is already in place for last 10 years but no worthwhile increase in price as compared to dha phase 6 MB. May be after 5 years when phase 8 takes some shape it can come up. By the way which is best block for a 4 marla commercial investment and what should be expected price

Umer Shehzad

Dear Khalid,
It is recommended to buy a 4 marla in either D block or B block at the better locations otherwise it would not give optimum returns, however, a low budget plot in B block would give a higher rate of return than a medium budget plot, a high premium plot would always give a premium return.
Umer Shehzad

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