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6 Easy Steps to Buy DHA Affidavit File

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on May 7, 2016

6 Easy Steps to Buy DHA Affidavit File

A lot of trading in DHA is being done in Files . As per a rough estimate roughly 30% of all transactions in DHA Lahore are for Files and 90% transactions in non balloted phases or other cities are in Files. A genuine client may face a lot of difficulty because of a non-regulated real estate market in Pakistan. If you are planning to Buy DHA Affidavit File i ask you to read this guide as it will help you sail through the process like a boss.

The purchase of Allocation File is no different from a regular plot however purchase of Affidavit File is very different. In order to understand the difference between Allocation File and Affidavit File kindly read our Blog 4 Differences between Allocation and Affidavit File. It is very important as a client that you understand all steps involved to buy DHA Affidavit File . Lets go through all these steps one by one:

Step 1 – Select your Real Estate Agent

The most important thing is to find a reliable , trustworthy real estate agent to help you buy DHA Affidavit File. You must check to make sure that he is a professional DHA registered estate agent. A DHA registered estate agent will stay away from any non transparent deals which may jeopardize his status as a registered dealer in DHA.

Step 2 – Price Check

It is important that you check the prices from a reliable source to buy DHA Affidavit File. You can get a general idea of the prices from real estate portals. The downside is that the Portals do not care if some one is listing fake prices and therefore you get a very diverse range of prices. Let it not confuse you as we have done this only to get a general idea and price range. The file prices are very volatile and they change very quickly so you must be decisive to choose your plan of action and go for the kill. In a fast moving market the time you may waste in trying to bargain the lowest possible price may just end with you, buying the File at a much higher price . Also trying to to buy DHA Affidavit File at a low price from some infamous agent and fake listing can get you in loads of trouble.

Step 3 – Confirming your Purchase

Consult your real estate agent and ask for a quote to to buy DHA Affidavit File you are interested in. After receiving the quote check if it lies in the general range of prices you have checked through your research. After agreeing to the price visit your real estate agents office and give him a token (Cheque or Cash of 100000 PKR ) along with the transfer fee , 2 x passport size photographs and a copy of your CNIC. Do not forget to get a receipt of the transaction from your agents office.

Step 4 – Voucher and Intimation

The seller will submit the Affidavit File in DHA along with the transfer fee , requesting to transfer the File in your favor and DHA will issue the receipt/voucher to confirm it.  It takes approximately 3 to 7 working days after the voucher has been submitted for the intimation to be issued in the favor of the purchaser. This entire process may take upto 4 to 10 working days. In some cases it may take more , however if the voucher has been processed by DHA , you can feel secure that your transaction has gone through.

Step 5 – Final Payment and Receiving Intimation

DHA issues the intimation letter to the seller who sends a copy of that to your real estate agent. Your real estate agent will send a copy to you as well so you can verify it from DHA. You can make a phone call to DHA or go personally and get it verified that the intimation has been issued in your name . Now you can safely make the final payment to the seller and receive your original intimation letter. Also get a copy of the affidavit submitted by the seller if available for your personal record. Remember that the intimation will have an engraved stamp by DHA confirming its validity.

Step 6 – Receiving Your Allocation Letter

After you have received your intimation letter , you can receive your allocation letter from DHA after 15 working days. You must deposit your membership fee and misc charges which vary between 50000 to 100000 depending upon the kind of Affidavit File you have purchased (Residential or Commercial). You will have to visit DHA office yourself to collect your Allocation letter. In extreme cases DHA allows any one on your behalf if they have a power of attorney to collect the Allocation.However if you do not want that , you can just delay the receiving of the Allocation letter for as long as you want , DHA will keep it safe till you are able to come personally in this case even years after you have purchased your intimation.

A huge number of failed transactions in Files happen every year and the biggest reason is GREED. Looking for the lowest possible price is not always a good idea as these unprofessional agents will not be able to confirm these files and thus will waste a lot of your valuable time. Meanwhile the prices of the File may rise and you may end up buying at a much higher rate. In case of Files i strongly recommend to Buy DHA Affidavit File  from a reliable source who can guide and safe guard you interests much better and effectively. Good luck with your future transactions and hope this will help you ride the wave like a pro.

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haider ali

ye sab kitny din ka procedure hy…??

Nasir Irfan

thanks a lot brother jazak Allah khair


Thanks. Excellant info

Azam javed

Thanks a lot but how we get a plot from that affadavit file.

Ali Assad

Very helpful information slightly changed due to age of article … you have to take the original intimation letter to the DHA office for verification as they wont verify the copy .
Ideally both parties should go together to the DHA office and sit in front of the registrar who is normally retd Col. and verify it

Khalid Iqbal

Very informative

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