Safe Investment In DHA Lahore

6 Places For Safe Investment In DHA Lahore

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6 Places For Safe Investment In DHA Lahore

We  recently discussed about 6 places we should not invest in DHA Lahore right now and I think its about time we also discuss areas which are ripe and open to investment. Before we move on with it I want to explain a few things, real estate in general is a rewarding investment, people who invested in Gwadar back in 2002-3 found themselves in a doomsday kind of situation but 12 to 13 years down the road it became one of the biggest achievers in Pakistan. The issue with market hypes is that it does not cater to realistic timelines. 9 Prism , CCA 2 of phase 6 and the others we mentioned may be very good investments in 5 to 6 years from now but if you invest in them right now chances are that you may be stuck for a long time without any major gains.

Developed phases of DHA have taken years to achieve there present status. Phase 5 took 15 to 17 years to reach the prices it has now and its been almost 10 years since phase 6 was given possession. It requires time and patience for your investment to get mature and nothing happens over night. So when you are planning to invest than you must consider all these aspects and plan accordingly. Usually a phase takes 10 to 15 years to reach full maturity after its possession and during these years it goes through various investment cycles where prices remain very volatile and only an expert investor can reap fruits of such price cycles and use them to his benefit.

Today we will discuss all opportunities starting from only 5 Million investment and going up to 100 Million. Also remember that if you are willing to take the risk than short term investments during market hypes can reap great benefits if not and you want to invest only in genuine long term safe and secure areas than the best 6 places to invest in DHA Lahore are as under.

6 Places to Invest In DHA Lahore


  1. Broadway Commercial Phase 8

    It is no doubt one of the best places to invest in DHA Lahore. It is completely safe and the prices have dropped 10 to 15% in last year and the correction phase is complete now in my opinion. It has been more than 7 years since the Broadway commercial was launched lot has changed over the years. The general areas surrounding this commercial including Phase 8 ex Air Avenue, Ex Park View, Eden city are now pretty much populated. In next 5 years or so we may see Broadway commercial rising as the biggest commercial hub of DHA Lahore. Broadway commercial is meant to cater the requirements of not just Phase 8 but also Phase 6 and Phase 7. This means that the house development we are seeing in all 3 phases (Namely Phase 6 , 7 and 8) will effect the commercial activity here. It will however take another 5 years for it to completely mature and the plot prices may reach 35 to 40 crores for a 8 Marla. It is one of the best investments because I foresee a good rental demand building here in next 3 years along with a steady gain of plot prices. So you can cash in on both and enjoy the rental income while you get a good gain in the plot prices. However it is a bit tricky to invest here, the gains we are predicting here are mainly for good location plots and there are a lot of other things to consider before you invest here.

  2. Residential Plots Phase 8 Proper

    Residential plots in Phase 8 have suffered a drop of 15 to 20% in the last year or so. This makes it yet another buying opportunity for long term buyers. Residential construction has already begun and almost 10 sites are under construction. I believe that Phase 8 will see quicker development than Phase 6 and in five years from now we may see it as a thriving Phase. Plot prices will reach some where between 3 to 4 crores  in certain blocks. It is comparatively smaller in size and it will take less time to fill the bill, add another 5 years and it will be the most expensive Phase of DHA Lahore with plots worth 6 to 8 Crores. Again it is important that where you are investing in Phase 8 as S block and some other areas may show slower growth than others. One thing that you can be sure of is that it is completely safe, resale will be quick and it will be prone to any major downtrends.

  3. Commercial Files Phase 8 (Ex Park View)

    One of those areas where we believe that both short term and long term perspectives are extremely good. This is a gold mine in my opinion and may pay you hefty returns both in short term and long term perspective. It is an already populated area and the potential of 4 Marla commercial is huge. It is one area which may reach maturity in next 5 to 6 years and give you 3 or 4 times the return on your investment. One more important thing is that if the possession comes within next 2 to 3 years than you can start enjoying rental returns on it as well while it matures fully and gives you a great capital yield.

  4. Residential Plot 9 Town

    House construction has begun and activity has started in 9 Town. The 5 Marla plot price is almost half as compared to the developed and mature Phases of DHA Lahore as of now. In my opinion in next couple of year we will see a housing bloom in 9 town as there are no other areas available which offer 5 Marla plots in DHA Lahore except Phase 7 which only has a limited number of 5 Marla plots available. Also it may be a few years before we get possession of Phase 8 Z Ivy green and a couple more years before we see construction. So 9 Town is the only area which can accommodate the housing needs of smaller clientele for next 5 years or so. I see a steady rise in prices of 9 town and 10 to 15% gain each year. 5 years from now when 9 Prism may be given possession, 9 Town will be a mature and thriving community.

  5. Rahber Commercial Phase 2 Ext

    The balloting is expected soon and the ring road southern loop will be completed by December and thus it makes in our list of 6 places to invest in DHA Lahore right now. I believe the most important development in this sector is the ring road which has made the area easily accessible. In addition in years to come main Phases of DHA Lahore such as 9 prism and 10 will have established themselves closer to Rahber. However the general area of its location is sustainable on itself and is seeing a big property boom and a lot of thriving societies. It is most suitable for short term investment though, however long term prospects are also very bright though it may suffer a bit in between, the over all forecast only points upwards. This is safe and offers good returns, the resales may be slow though during the middle years.

  6. MB Commercial of Phase 6

    Last but not the least is MB commercial of Phase 6 and also the A block commercial in the area next to DHA Office. Development and house bloom in Phase 6 , 7 and 8 will directly effect these commercials. Presently they offer better rental return than Broadway commercial, however the prices are already a bit high. So while investing in these commercials remember that the rental returns is the major source of your profit here. If you just want to hold it than it may just be better to sell it and move to Broadway commercial as it wont give you a huge capital gain on just the plot price. However if you combine both than you are in for a good gains over the next 5 years or so. Good resale and will always remain in demand for years to come.

This will be all for today folks, some of you might disagree on the potential growth I have mentioned in various sectors , but you must keep in mind that we are expecting CPEC to start playing an important role in the growth of our real estate sector in next 5 years or so and it will trigger another property boom. Fingers crossed and lets all hope and see how things turn out in future. I am 100% sure though that if you invest in the areas mentioned above, your investment is 100% secure, it will most certainly grow many times over in next 5 to 10 years and will continue to offer you great resale opportunities at any time.


Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

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Muhammad Qasim

Hi Shahnawaz,
Is 1 kanal 2 side open or corner plot in T block, DHA Phase 8 a good investment?




I am working in Real Estate in Dubai and as of now I have one client who want to buy a Residential plot. Can you advise me a best opertunity for him

Samsam Shah

What about, if I invest in one ka all plot in phase 7, Z1
Please advise
Is it a sound investment

Samsam Shah

Very informative

Kashif Wyne

Assalam Dear Shahnawaz,
What might be the appropriate DHA commercial phase/block to invest in between 2-3 crores and hold for 3-5 years and build a commercial plaza?


I am looking to invest 1 crore in Lahore. where should I invest to get maximum return

sohaib ayub

i hope you are fine brother, kindly can you guide in which block of broadway commercial phase 8 should we invest around 7,8 crore?

Kashif Wyne

Assalam Dear Shahbaz, Is there any Whatsapp group you have developed for the real estate. Please do let me know if thee is any.

Ali Malik

What about Phase 7 ? Is it a better option to invest in?

Toqeer Ahmed

Asslam-O-Alaikum. I always enjoy reading your valuable articles at your website. It helps a lot to me for getting latest information regarding DHA.
Although the person who types your writings should concentrate on spellings. “I” should be written “I” rather than “i”
Wish you best of luck.

Mrs tariq

Dh a city furture

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