Buy Sangar Housing Scheme Plots

6 Awesome Reasons To Buy Sangar Housing Scheme Plots

6 Awesome Reasons To Buy Sangar Housing Scheme Plots

Sangar housing scheme is located on the hammer head (Koh-e-batil) in the port city of Gwadar. It is indeed the finest and elite society in the entire city. Recently we have seen the prices of the plots taking a steep upwards trend and almost 50% increase in less than a month. This has given rise to many questions in an investors mind, who is now wondering if it is just a fake investment bubble or otherwise. I agree that any such abnormal price hike should arise suspicion and therefore today we will try to answer some of these questions in this article.

First of all we believe that the rise in price is not some thing extraordinary. If you look at our older posts we have always places Sangar housing scheme as our top priority and suggested many a times that Sangar is under priced and has a great potential in near future. However in order to understand why it is the best we must understand why it has been neglected in the past. The 3 reasons why it has remained under-valued in the past are as under:

  • Rumors: A lot of fake rumors were spread by various elements within the real estate industry to undermine the strengths of this society. This was done on purpose to divert people to invest in Raw land and other private societies in Gwadar. Some of the claims made by people were that location of Sangar housing scheme will be changed as port authority wants to acquire this land. Another strong rumor suggested that the land on Sangar does not have enough load bearing capacity to sustain the development activities.

Engineering design has been carried out after full soil investigation study. Soil bearing capacity on Koh-i-Batil is double of what is found in the coastal belt and has been found suitable for high rise building.

  • Lack of dealers interest: Sangar housing scheme has been neglected by real estate agents as most of them were interested in open land because of the huge profit margins. Real estate agents are the core of real estate activity and there inclinations can surely define short term trends as we have seen the prices of raw land in Gwadar go up by almost 300% in last 6 months or so.
  • Lack of marketing: Sangar housing scheme is the project of Govt of Baluchistan, however there has been no active marketing campaign to uplift the project.

sangar housing project6 Reasons To Buy Plots In Sangar Housing Project

  1. Location, Location, Location

    Sangar is located on Koh-e-batil (Hammer head), adjacent to Gwadar port and right next to PNS Akram which is located on the Koh-e-batil as well. This is a natural feature and providing the most beautiful sea view and surrounded by it from all sides.

    “The three most important things about real estate is location, location, location.”

  2. Security

    Sangar is considered as the safest location in entire Gwadar. It is right next to the Pakistan Navy (PNS Akram) on Koh-e-Batil and is inside the third tier of security. Considering the volatile security environment in Baluchistan, it is the safe hub for any one who is interested to live in Gwadar, specially the foreigners. I will not be surprised if it becomes an area like the diplomatic enclave of Islamabad in future.

  3. Operated by the Government

    Sangar housing scheme is operated by the Baluchistan Government, which makes it the safest specially in the absence of any other reliable societies such as DHA and Bahria. This is your safest bet to make an entry in the real estate of Gwadar.

  4. Computerized record and transparent transactions

    Transfer records in Sangar housing scheme are computerized and rules are followed very strictly so there are no chances of any kind of fraudulent activity which is actually quite common in other places in Gwadar.

  5. Undervalued

    While many suggest that the prices have risen sharply in Gwadar, we still believe that the prices still have the room to go up as the entire project is undervalued because of the rumors in the past.

  6. Development work

    The development work in Sangar housing scheme has already started and parts of Phase 1 are under possession. A lot of work is still to be done but its mostly upgrading. List of development work already complete is as under :• Roads – Approx. 90 km
    • Water supply distribution system -80%
    • Underground water tank (600, 00 Gal) – 100%
    • Overhead water tank (40,000 Gal) – 100%
    • Sewerage system -25%
    • 51 Acres of land has been allocated for Eid Mela in Phase V. the area is already being used for recreational purposes by the local population.
    • 100 Acres of land has been allocated for Tsunami Shelters & Eid Mela in Phase V.

What Should You Buy

Our analysis suggests that both investments in Sangar housing scheme will give you very high returns in near future. The best investments you can make in Sangar housing project are the residential plots of 1000 yards, specially in Phase 1 and 1 Acre plus commercial plots for high rise in Phase 4. We will soon explain in detail why we are suggesting these 2 investments in Sangar housing project of Gwadar so remain tuned.

Imlaak is exclusively dealing in Sanghar Housing Scheme as agents and brokerage. We also provide consultancy for other areas but only on special request and for an investment value of at least 50 Million and above.

Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)


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